Fresh Online Chicken Delivery in Singapore

NOTE:  NO fresh chicken is available for delivery Mondays or Saturdays and needs 2 days lead time.

Our Empress Chicken is farmed in Malaysian Johor and are cage free, hormone free and antibiotic free so you are assured of quality.  They are fed with Lactobacillus to enhance their immune system naturally and are all female chickens for a more tender flavorful experience for the end user.

Our French Chicken is from SAVEL in France, the brand is P'tit Duc and is free range, hormone and antibiotic free, corn fed and produced by a leading family business.

Advantages of SAVEL poultry is that it is born, raised, slaughtered and processed in France. It is a slow-growing breed and 100% vegetarian, mineral and vitamin fed.

Chicken has a very short shelf life whilst fresh so we suggest eating it within a couple of days from receiving it or 1-2 days after defrosting it if you have ordered frozen chicken. 

Unfortunately we can not offer a portioning service for chicken items. 

FROZEN French Yellow Cornfed Chicken Breast 2 pieces (340-380gm total)
FROZEN French Yellow Whole Chicken (Corn Fed) 1.1-1.3kg
Frozen Empress Whole Chicken 900-1.1kg
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Italian Mixed Case of Wines
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