Fresh Lamb Delivery in Singapore

Our Lamb is Amelia Park Lamb in Western Australia and Thomas Foods from South Australia.

All of our lamb is hormone and antibiotic free and is flow in fresh each week from Australia.

FROZEN Packet of 4 Lamb chops - 390-410gm On Sale
$45.00 $39.00
FROZEN 1 x 500gm Lamb Mince
FROZEN 3 x 90-100gm Lamb Loin Chops - (270-300gm)
800-900gm pack - Lamb Tenderloin Sold Out
FROZEN 900-1.1kg - Rack of Lamb Frenched Fat On
FROZEN 1.7-2.2kg - Lamb Shoulder Banjo Cut
FROZEN 500gm - Lamb fillet sliced and marinated
Mixed dozen case of Wines
Case of highly rated Red Wines
Case of Rose Wines
Case of mixed White Wines
Celebrate in Style Case On Sale
$525.00 $499.00

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