Fresh Fish Delivery in Singapore

Farmer's Market salmon comes from NZ King Salmon who have farms scattered through the cool, deep waters of Marlborough’s pristine Pelorus and Queen Charlotte Sounds.  The salmon is farmed to the highest standards for sustainability.  New Zealand King Salmon is the first and only ocean-farmed salmon to have achieved the Green/'Best Choice' rating from the globally respected Seafood Watch program.

Farmer's Market prawns, scallops and clams are from the Ocean Gems range.  Ocean Gems sources the best seafood around the world and packages it up for the retail market.  Their stringent selection process ensures a consistently high quality in their products which have no preservatives or chemicals used in the process.

Farmer's Market Octopus comes from Fremantle Octopus and has come from the clear, clean blue waters off Western Australia’s coast. The octopus, species (O tetricus) is wild caught in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner and is widely considered by international chefs as the best in the world.  Fremantle Octopus is so easy to work with and has already been tenderised using a unique freezing process.

FROZEN 1 x 180-200gm - King Salmon Portion
Gustavsen Fossen Nor Presliced Smoked Salmon Trout 1.45kg
1kg Raw Tiger Prawns Vietnam Ocean Gems 13/15
1kg Raw Vannamei Prawns, Head and Shell On 21/30
FROZEN - 1kg pack of Octopus Tentacles
1kg Ocean Gems 1/2 Shell Peruvian Scallops 20/30
1kg Ocean Gems Hokkaido Sushimi Scallops 21/25
1kg Ocean Gems Hokkaido Sushimi Scallops 31/35
1kg Ocean Gems Hokkaido Sushimi Scallops 26/30
500gm Ocean Gems Raw Whole Hard Clams
Mixed dozen case of Wines
Case of highly rated Red Wines
Case of Rose Wines
Case of mixed White Wines
Celebrate in Style Case On Sale
$525.00 $499.00