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    Premium Farm Fresh Australian meat products, home delivered 5 days a week with no minimum order.  Orders over $150 delivered FREE and under $150 is only $20 for delivery.  Deliveries are made using chilled trucks during the hours of 1pm-5pm Mon-Fri.
    All of our meat and seafood is antibiotic & hormone free and we only source from sustainable and trustworthy sources that we visit so you be confident that you will get the same high quality products every time you order.


    "Emma Pike's products are always fresh and tasty. Overall a reliable source for quality meat/fish at a reasonable price" Alice.

    "Farmers Market is my, and my family's, favorite butcher. They're a one stop shop for all your meat and seafood needs!" Allie

    "I feel very comfortable being able to say it is also organic without the stamp." Nathan

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